What is the budget for a bulletproof vest?

Investing in a bulletproof vest can be a smart move to protect against potential threats. A measure that comes at a price.

Personal safety is a growing concern and investing in a bulletproof vest can be a smart move to protect against potential threats. A measure that comes at a price. If you type on a search engine “bulletproof vest price”, “bulletproof vest budget” or even “budget bulletproof vest”, the prices that will be displayed will vary between 150 and 2,000 euros.

So how much does a bulletproof vest cost and why such differences? It is these questions that we will try to shed light on. The reasons for such price differences are multiple: differences in the available solutions, differences in levels of protection and the quality of the bulletproof vest.

First observation, when buying ballistic protection, price should not be the number 1 criterion. In fact, it is the least important criterion.

The Bulletproof Vest, First Choice

Bulletproof vests are the first choice for those who want to protect themselves from Bullets.

Then come the armored cars, the close security services etc... Obviously, bulletproof vests are the least expensive of these protective tools.

Depending on its level of ballistic protection, it protects weapons from the least heavy to the most powerful. We will also see that these levels of ballistic protection are classified and supervised very strictly. In particular, we will see that Level IIIA is authorized for civilians, that it offers protection against most handguns, while higher levels are authorized only for professionals, who offer increased protection against heavier weapons.

Each level requires a higher budget. Determining the level of protection required based on your environment and potential threats is critical.

Pay Attention to the Origin of the Bulletproof Vest

The first instinct to have when you buy a bulletproof vest is not to choose it according to its price but to know if it complies with the NIJ standard. Why?

Because the market is full of vests with ballistic protection, but not all are approved. When there is a doubt about the reliability of the vest, is there no longer any doubt, it is not approved?

First rule, the vest that incorporates ballistic protection must comply with the NIJ standard.

Imperative condition: compliance with the NIJ standard

The famous NIJ standard specifies what are the minimum requirements for bulletproof vests that have undergone their performance and testing protocols and assesses the different types of bulletproof vests available based on the threat levels they offer protection against.

When the ballistic pack is tested, NIJ certified laboratories submit it through a number of different tests to ensure that it meets NIJ standards and performance standards.

The NIJ has the authority to reassess bulletproof vests that the manufacturer already sells on its soil to ensure that performance standards remain in line with the code as time goes by. This is part of the NIJ's excellence and verification procedures.

The NIJ performance standards mean that commercially available bulletproof vest meets the minimum performance requirements they define. The NIJ publishes its bullet and hit (trauma) resistance standards for personal protections. Below is an overview of NIJ 0101.04 and NIJ 0101.06 standards.

Price according to Bulletproof Vest Technology

Once you are certain that the vest is certified, then comes the ballistic protection of your choice.

Today, Bulletproof vests use a multitude of technologies to offer maximum protection to users. One of these technologies is the use of advanced ballistic materials such as aramid fibers, such as Kevlar. In particular, this is what the police wear. These materials are lightweight, flexible, and extremely tough, allowing bulletproof vests to offer projectile protection and great mobility. Perfect match for jobs such as the very demanding police. Vests that use this Kevlar technology are at price levels around €500.

This type of vest is often used for discreet protection.

Another technology used is the addition of ceramic plates or high-strength composite materials to the Kevlar material. These plates improve protection by stopping bullets at high speed and dispersing kinetic energy. Police units or soldiers use these additions.

Finally, some bulletproof vests also use gel inserts to reduce the impact of bullets and minimize injuries caused by projectile force.

In short, modern bulletproof vests are the result of a combination of advanced technologies that, combined together, increase your level of protection and de facto increase the price of your vest.

What Level of Protection Should You Choose

The level of protection of a bulletproof vest meets a perfectly established gradation. This gradation corresponds to the weapons that the vest can stop. The higher the level, the more the price increases.

Here is the correspondence table of stopped weapons with the NIJ standard ballistic protection level. It includes the famous IIIA, the vest model most used in civilian life and by police forces. Level IIIA protection stops the handguns most used in civil society. The 9mm for example, a weapon carried by the police forces.

Level IIIA with additional protection

The IIIA is the star of bulletproof vests, it is not only used as a vest with discreet wear, it is also often used as a basis for higher vest protection.

Layers are added to obtain a bulletproof vest with additional characteristics. Models with neck protection offer extended coverage, while discreet wear allows for daily use without attracting attention. Quality bulletproof vests with these features can vary in price, but an average budget is generally between €350 and €600 for the lightest and most discreet ones.

Bulletproof jackets are bulletproof vest++

Bulletproof jackets have revolutionized the world of bulletproof vests by bringing Design and practicality to it for those who do not want to bother with vests considered too bulky or too heavy.

Like the FURTIV jacket, bulletproof jackets provide a different type of protection than a vest. Simpler to wear and more aesthetic than a vest and equipped with a size adjustment system that allows you to adapt to several body types.

Jackets are much more expensive than vests because they require more work and above all, they offer more possibilities than a conventional vest.

The Price of a Bulletproof Jacket

Often purchased by VIPs or politicians, bulletproof jackets are very high-end equipment whose price varies between €2,000 and €5,000.

The FURTIV jacket designed by VEST PARIS is in this price range in the same price range as the Caballero jackets better known on the South American continent.

The FURTIV jacket also offers other accessories such as the neck protector (400€) and technological equipment that allows you to protect yourself even better. All of these options drive up the bill.

Other Considerations


Investing in a bulletproof vest is an important decision, and the choice should be informed by safety and considerations. By carefully evaluating your needs and comparing the various options available, you can find a balance between the protection you need and the available budget.

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